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Support a Hero

Not all heroes wear capes, but ours wear masks.

There is no end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic.

We may be phasing out of the state’s stay at home mandates, but this crisis is not over. Businesses are reopening, but the virus has not left our community.

As our city’s front-line, healthcare workers have spent weeks caring for our community, dealing with the stress of their role while many were quarantined away from family or feeling guilty and anxious about possibly bringing the virus home. And for them, there is no end in sight.

As Louisiana’s economy begins to re-open, make no mistake: COVID-19 is still a severe threat to our community. This pandemic is a marathon that is just beginning. That’s why keeping our healthcare heroes and frontline workers’ morale intact for the long haul is so important in the fight against this disease.

- Catherine O’Neal, MD

Chief Medical Officer at Our Lady of the Lake

Let’s join forces to show that we care. To show our appreciation for the sacrifices of our city’s healthcare workforce. To show the power of positivity and love directed at those who give their all to provide compassionate, fearless care to those in need.

Baton Rouge is no stranger to hardship. But we’ve also seen the power of a community rallying together to care for our neighbors. Now it’s time to give a boost of that fighting spirit to Baton Rouge’s healthcare workers. Together, let’s show our appreciation for all they’ve done and all the hard work still ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Viral Positivity?

Viral Positivity is a fundraiser and positivity drive benefiting healthcare workers across Baton Rouge. Donations will go toward staff needs, but even if you can’t donate, please join our effort to spread positivity and love by posting a note of support on our message board or by sharing this campaign with your network.

We may not be able to end the pandemic, but we can get through it together.

Viral Positivity is a joint community effort led by ThreeSixtyEight with the support of the EBR District Attorney Hillar Moore and Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

Who will my donation benefit?

Your donation will benefit the people sacrificing their own health and wellbeing to provide care to our community’s sick. They’re giving up this time with their families to serve us. They’re on high alert at all times, trying to maintain their own health, while seeing the virus’ effects first-hand. They may not be going home, or they feel unsafe to hug their loved ones when they do. They are tired, and they need our support.

The first wave of funds donated will benefit staff at many local institutions: Our Lady of the Lake, Baton Rouge General, Ochsner Health, Lane Memorial Hospital, Woman's Hospital and the Louisiana Nursing Home Association. Additional institutions may be added if funds allow.

Other than the processing fees required by the donation platform, 100% of funds donated are going directly to the hospitals. Viral Positivity is keeping no administration dollars or profiting in any way.

How are funds being administered?

Donations will provide for needs identified by each institution to ease the burden their staff is currently experiencing. These needs include gas cards, meals, disinfecting car washes, connected technology, power bars, comfortable shoes, and more. Exact items donated may change as new needs are identified, but all funds donated will go directly to front-line healthcare workers.

Our campaign leaders Kenny Nguyen and DA Hillar Moore are communicating weekly with Foundation CEOs. This weekly cadence will keep all organizations in the loop on how much money was raised, how funds were used by the organizations, and any updates on staff needs (with associated costs). We’ll be sharing stories of donated items and as many photos as possible. Our concern is getting needed items into the hands of our healthcare heroes, period.

Can I donate in-kind services or product?

We are certainly open to in-kind donations. So far, we have received in-kind support in the form of items like car washes, gift cards, and picnic tables. If you’d like to donate a product or service that can help frontline healthcare workers, please reach out to haydenmoore@lawbr.net to coordinate.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

This fund is managed by BRAF, a 501c3 organization focused on bettering the lives of the people of South Louisiana. As such, all donations are tax-deductible. Contact Mukul Verma at mverma@braf.org with any questions.